Hello Everyone, here we mention in this article we mention our list of our some selected freelance platforms 2020.
look at those website they have a variety of jobs to look at and apply for it.


This website have the most traffic with allot of categories and sub- categories . What is really amazing about Fiverr.com , You create gigs and state how much you search instead of an hour rate.
So many people prefer approaching people instead of people approaching them to get their jobs and services done.; Fiverr.com started at the beginning with $5-$15 gigs range but now you go up to high prices with each gig.

They have highest traffic as a freelance platforms 2020, They have over a million visitor with united states highest vistors come from.


I mention a upwork as a second place where they have different kind of freelance platforms where people post jobs and freelance apply for those jobs and compete to get hired.
People get hired per hour hour here instead of a single task. Upwork have higher aount of vistors to their site


Freelancer.com are ranked as third on this site. They have much lower amount of traffic and they have their cost of their visitors are from india and on second place are united states. Freelance.com is one of our selected freelance platforms 2020.
Most of their freelancers seems from India. They have two apps on android and IOS you can download and check it out


Here is Refugeefreelance.com which started early this year of 2020 where highly trained refugees and experienced skills gathered at this platform provide high quality services to their customers. We selected this website from the list of freelance platforms 2019 as it have new way of showing and helping refugees

Refugee freelance have almost the same system as Fiverr.com where freelancers place their services and customers come and order per task.

This platform aims to share refugees skill to the world and to help them cooperate and face their problems

you can check the freelancers and you can check their services too